Aussie Aeroworks is the exclusive Australian, New Zealand dealer for the great range of RC Factory products. 

The "BIG"  1060mm wing span EDGE XL, Flies like balsa but repairs like foam!!

Combo deal is also available (Click here)



The all new Super Lite Lazer PRO in two colours is now in stock.


The all new Super LITE Super Extra with Vectoring in two colours.

NOW IN STOCK", The new Fokker Tri Plane, Plane or Combo deal in three colours. Lite Series

NOW IN STOCK, Revo P3 Bipe in Black or Red colours.




Combo Equipment now available seperately

All new racer series now available as plane or combo pack.

All New Veloxity is now available as plane or Combo Deal

The "BIG" 48" 1.2m Extra in Blue and purple colour

And the "BIG" 48" 1.2m Sbach in Red and Violet colour

Combo packs are also available for all the 1.2m 48" planes.


The Crack Yak Big is available in the Grey or HCG colours.

Crack Yak Big is also available in a combo pack.

Most of the RC Factory, Twisted Hobbies planes are available as a Combo Deals to save you the hassle of finding the best gear and glue for your plane.

UHU por is the best glue for building your RC Factory models and is now back in stock


New Products

  1. Crack Camel Blue

    Crack Camel Blue
  2. Crack Camel Silver

    Crack Camel Silver
  3. Crack Camel Silver, Combo Deal

    Crack Camel Silver, Combo Deal
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    Crack Camel Blue, Combo Deal
  2. "TH 43" Edge XL 1060mm Wing span

    "TH 43" Edge XL 1060mm Wing span
    Out of stock

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